Hello Friends & Neighbors!

We are excited to start back our blog entries for 2022. We took a break because, well, business picked up, we implemented a new software we all had to get acclimated to, and we focused our energy on customers and getting our new techs trained.

To start our 2022 blog series off, we wanted to share our email we sent to all customers in May.

Here it is:

 We are committed to providing quality pest control and termite services to our customers. With careful consideration, we have decided to increase our prices for pest control and termite services throughout our company. In keeping with our commitment to provide you with as much notice as possible of any increase in the price of our services, effective Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

While we continue to strive to provide top-notch, quality service to our customers at reasonable costs, prices of just about everything around us are increasing. Due to the continuing increase in the cost of gas, products, and competitive salaries we find it necessary to increase our prices to ensure we can continue to provide great service by dedicated and knowledgeable technicians. Despite these changes, we remain competitive in the industry for our service quality that ensures the best possible results for our customers.

We appreciate your support and continued trust for all your pest control and termite needs. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to chat with you. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call us at (919) 569-0555 or email us customerservice@advancepestcontrol.com

Most popular services offered: 

  • General Pest Control – One Time Service – $160
  • Quarterly Pest Control – Initial Service – $160 / Recurring – $90
  • Annual Termite Warranty – $120
  • Termite Inspection (w/o Warranty) – $70
  • Bees/Wasps/Hornets (specific) – $110
  • Carpenter Ants (specific) – $135
  • Monthly Pest Control – Initial Service – $160 / Monthly – $40
  • Mosquito Treatment (up to 1 acre) – $85
  • Ticks and Fleas (outdoor, up to 1 acre) – $120
  • Termite Baiting System – Renewal – $360