Do you know how to prepare your home for your pest control service or termite inspection? Many customers ask “What do we need to do?” or “Does the technician need to get to a [specific place]?”. Our office staff try to educate our customers about the process of their inquired service(s) as well as our technicians at the time of service. Wouldn’t it be nice to know a few key tips before your appointment? We think so.

We have 6 tips from our technicians to help you better prepare for your pest control service or termite inspection.


Our Techs need access to key areas of your home both inside and outside. Let’s start with the inside. Our tech during his basic pest treatment, he will walk the perimeter of each room you allow access to him. Be sure to move furniture and other items away from the baseboards of the perimeter of each room. This allows your technician to treat the entire room and keep it protected from unwanted pests that can find their way inside your home from the smallest of crack or crevice. You know that corner behind your favorite chair or the wall behind your bedside table. Those are prime locations for various pests to harbor.

Clothes and Furniture

We know your furniture and clothing are precious to you. The last thing we want to do is damage any personal items. It is very important for you to take the time to place all clothing off the floor and/or into a laundry basket before your technician arrives. If he sees personal items in the areas he needs to treat, he will most likely skip that area in lieu of ruining your favorite sweater. Same goes for furniture. We ask that you pull the couch, or any furniture touching exterior walls, away from the wall about 12 inches – just enough so the tech can treat behind with his sprayer.  Fabrics as you know absorb liquids and being our products are water-based your fabric furniture will absorb the chemicals we use to treat common household pests.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Clean out your trashcan. Daily. This helps deter any pests from finding food, shelter and water in your kitchen. Also, before your tech arrives, we advise you to clear your countertops of any utensils, dishes, and food. If your technician sees the need to treat ants, especially, a clear countertop is helpful for placement of bait traps and/or other products. If you are experiencing roaches, we ask you clear out cabinets so the technician does not accidentally place chemical products on household items. Our techs are highly trained to apply pest control products correctly whether they are inside or outside. Your help by knowing where pests are entering and harboring is key to properly treating. Let’s not forget moving your refrigerator out so your technician can treat behind it where pests LOVE to hang out.


Your family pets are also a priority to us. We do not want to cause harm to your family-loved pets. We ask to keep your pets in a separate location from where our technician needs to treat. Our products take about 15-20 minutes to fully dry and be completely safe for pets to be around. Don’t forget to place your pets bedding and toys in a location of your home where the tech does not have to spray. We cannot forget fish! Aquariums should be covered just in case overspray happens. Typically, our techs spray close to the baseboards and avoiding anything more than 12 inches high. But, to be safe, cover your aquarium as fish are sensitive.

Flower Pots

Our technicians are trained not to spray higher than baseboards on the inside of your home, however, other higher areas are on the exterior of your home require spraying. Overspray may happen when treating the door frames and window frames of your home and fall onto your plants below. Most plants are not harmed from the chemical. Our products are target-based meaning they only attract and kill the targeted pests it was designed for. But, to be on the safe side, cover your special potted plants to keep them safe and happy.


Bathrooms are a haven for pests. Why? Water and shelter. They love the humidity and cabinets your bathroom offers. If you are experiencing silverfish or roaches in your bathroom, we recommend clearing your cabinets for extra focus with specific products the technician will determine at the appointment. Also, put away any open containers or soap bars and even make sure your toothbrushes are put away. Again, think possible overspray.

Wow! That seems like a lot to prep for before your appointment. If you are quarterly, these tips should be habit before each quarterly appointment. And, for our one-time service customers, we highly suggest following these tips to ensure you receive the best experience and service possible. Your safety and your family’s safety (pets included) are our top priority when treating your home for pests.