Moisture Control

All insects and rodents need moisture to survive. Subterranean termites will eat most hardwoods, but they must have moisture. Although they wander and can find moisture from other sources, they must have a food source which is why they are often found near a moisture source. Carpenter ants are also pests associated with moisture problems. They never nest in healthy dry wood. They will seek out a window sill that has been damp from a leak or an area near a water leak and nest there. Inspect your home and fix any leaks or moisture problems or contact a professional for a moisture control consultation.
Don’t let moisture accumulate near the foundation. Termites are more likely to “zero in” on a structure if the soil next to the foundation is consistently moist. Water should be diverted away from the foundation with properly functioning gutters, downspouts and splash blocks. Leaking faucets, water pipes and air conditioning units should be   repaired, and the ground next to the foundation should be graded (sloped) so   that surface water drains away from the building. Homes with poor drainage may need to have tiles or drains installed. Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems should be adjusted to minimize water puddling near the foundation.

Vapor Barriers: Because moisture is a problem conducive to termite and insect infestation, we can help cut down on moisture by installing vapor barriers. We will provide a moisture reading at no extra charge

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