Commercial Pest Management

For commercial pest management, simply contact Advance Pest Control. We work with many associations, offices, and restaurants offering efficient, economical, trustworthy service.

Home Owner’s Associations

We offer termite warranties at a discounted price to Home Owner’s Associations. We currently service several HOA’s on a yearly basis.

    Apartment Complexes

    With a high tenant turnover, roaches can be a huge problem. Pest control can be more efficient and reasonably priced when technicians treat a whole apartment building.


    We offer flexible times to treat your restaurant after your customers have left for the evening or before your customers get there in the morning. Many of our commercial pest management customers prefer monthly services to keep pests out and their customers coming in.


    A well managed restaurant pest control program starts with three basic steps:

    1. InspectionThis step will lead us to have a basic idea of where the pests are living and traveling, so we can decide where to concentrate pesticide applications.
    2. Proper Sanitation is one of the key elements in pest control.  Trash bins, sinks, floors and kitchen equipment should be cleaned as often as possible, and especially before leaving overnight. Any one of these areas could potentially lead to a pest infestation if left unchecked.
    3. Exclusion means means keeping the pests out before they become a problem. Make sure there are tight weather seals around doors and windows; caulk any openings leading to wall voids and never leave doors or unscreened windows open. Treating for pests commercial pest control outside may also stop them from invading indoors. The three pests that seem to be a problem in almost every food service company are roaches, flies and rodents. When the three steps above are followed consistently over time, with proper pesticide application, pest problems can be reduced and controlled.