Real Estate/ Termite Inspection:

Whether you’re buying a home or simply refinancing, the lenders will most likely need a termite inspection or wood-destroying insect report. Our inspectors provide information not only on termites and other wood destroying insects, but also on wood rot, wood debris and moisture problems.

To ensure a proper and thorough inspection, please have your attic, garage, storage room, and/or basement accessible. This means move any stored items to the center of the room away from the walls. The inspector will need to see every expansion joint (the areas between the slab and foundation wall).

After the inspection, our staff completes the required WDIR-100 forms and will fax or e-mail the report to the location(s) needed in a timely fashion.

While the inspection is usually the responsibility of the buyer, or more often the buyer’s agent, the treatment, if termites are found, is usually the responsibility of the seller. We offer two options: spot or full treatments both including a warranty, which can be easily transferred to the buyer after closing.