We all have heard of many different types of pest control methods. Some work. Some don’t. Some only cause more problems. So, we thought we would squash a few for you.

Myth: You’ll never have a pest problem if your home is clean!

Simply not true. Pests aren’t just drawn to filth. Pests are looking for food, water, and shelter. Your home provides this for pests of all types – ants, roaches, mice, spiders, just to name a few. Remember to store food in sealed packaging or glass containers, remove any standing water like pet bowls, and seal any crevices pests can potentially use as a doorway to your home.

Taking simple steps to help deprive pests of easily accessible necessities can help deter pests from home. However, regular pest control methods are encouraged to help fully manage any potential problems.

Myth: I don’t see any pests therefore I do not have a problem.

Keeping an eye out for pests is not going to always help solve a pest problem. Most pests are nocturnal – meaning they are most active at night. Termites, for example, are silent destroyers. If you see swarming or visible damage, you are late. Our annual termite inspection warranty is a great resource to have to ensure you have no termite activity and if termites become active you will have damage coverage.

And, by having regular pest control services like our quarterly sprays and annual termite inspections, you can fully manage your potential pest issues best.

Myth: My home is brick. I will not have termite problems.

Whether your home is stick-built or brick, you have the potential for termite activity. If your home is on a concrete slab, you have the potential for termite activity. Termites cannot “chew” through brick or concrete, they can crawl over those to get to the attached wood framing. Termite activity can be a slow process or it can happen rapidly. Either way a termite warranty with us helps to insure your home against termite activity and any associated damage.

Myth: All Pest control chemicals are high potency.

Not all true. Yes, our products are better at control versus store bought/DIY products. But, not all of our tools are strong chemicals like they used to be. We have a variety of potencies, bait traps, and other methods that can be used singularly or in conjunction with each other in which our highly-trained technicians deem appropriate for your particular problem. We do recommend allowing 30 minutes to an hour of time for any sprays or other substance to fully penetrate and dry before allowing pets and kids into the areas serviced.   Your home and family safety are our top-priority and we want to make sure you are safe. Sometimes our treatment options require multiple treatments for your safety and the environment. At Advance Pest Control, we strive to offer quality and effective service with some guarantees and warranties.

There are tons more myths we could talk about like mice only like cheese for bait traps. Not true. Add something with more sweetness like peanut butter to attract mice to traps. Or metal buildings need termite treatment. No. The likelihood of termites getting through a metal building with metal casing around doors and windows is very low. Termites cannot eat metal – they like wood! And, the list goes on.

Despite all the myths, there is one overall truth to stand by. Preventative treatment is and always will be your best defense against pest infestations. Advance Pest Control offers preventative services and treatment options for your pest needs. Call us. Email us. And, let’s chat about what we can offer you!