Mosquito season is here and booming!


Mosquitoes can ruin most any outdoor activity during late spring and summer months. Your yard tends to be your oasis more in the summer/fall than any other part of the year. Most of us have planted new, colorful flowers and added water features or installed a pool to retreat and relax with family members. Unknowingly we’ve welcomed mosquitoes (and ants!) to our backyard too!

Stagnant water is the biggest attraction for mosquitoes. Those beautiful bird baths are the perfect breading conditions for mosquitoes. And, let’s not forget the gutters that need cleaning out, too. Any place where water can collect for a period of time, i.e. pet water bowls, should be cleared out daily or covered.

Our mosquito service is a great option to help regulate the amount of mosquitoes you see in your yard. Our service covers up to an acre and comes with a 6 week warranty. So, if you have the newly installed pool, bird bath, pet water bowls, and thriving plants our mosquito service can help make your yard enjoyable this summer!

Mosquitoes can be a problem for many people throughout the warm months of the year. We have a service for you. We started offering a monthly mosquito service from April to September. If you have a persistent mosquito problem, call or email us for more information and to start your mosquito program.  

So, what is a mosquito and what is their life cycle?

Mosquitoes have two wings of the same size and length and a pair of balance wings called halters. Their legs are long and bodies are lean. We’ve all seen these pests a time or two in our lives. They are typically just that PESTS. Their bites become very itchy and hard to treat with an anti-itch cream. Mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases as we are all aware of.


*Life Cycle of a Mosquito graphic from


Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Let’s re-explore some of the most common ways to avoid mosquito bites.

Here are a few tips:

Wear light colored clothing – Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing because of the contrast in their vision. Stick with pastels and neutral colors when planning on being outdoors a lot. Also, wear protective clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to skin so, cover up!

Avoid dusk and dawn times if you can – These times are great for outside activity for most people, too. However, mosquitoes are more active at these times due to the cooler temps and less of a breeze.

Circulate the air! – We know that when there is a breeze stirring mosquitoes have a harder time flying because of their size. So, find a way to circulate the air around you while relaxing to help avoid mosquito bites. Who doesn’t like a slight breeze blowing on a hot day anyway!

And lastly, wear insect repellent – There are a variety of repellents on the market these days. Find a formula that works for you and use it. Our services can help regulate the mosquito population on your property. Without all the exact precautions, like removing any standing water, it is hard to fully eradicate mosquitoes. By adding our service and your precautions, your backyard can be your oasis again!

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard! Call us to get your appointment scheduled today.

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