What is Insect & Disease Control for Trees & Shrubs?

Pest control and termite inspections for your home are essential services available to keep your home environment healthy and pest-free so you can enjoy it without the worries of insect transmitted diseases from a potential bite and pests getting into your pantry among other things. But, have you thought about the health of your trees and shrubs on your property? Are some looking a little drab and others are thriving? Do your trees look like they have a disease or abundance of insects eating away at it? Plant health care is an essential service to continue the well-being of your property as well. 

Having a certified arborist a part of our company is a great asset to have for expanding our pest control services. Pest and insect disease control for ornamental shrubs and trees on your property is important to help protect the longevity of your plants. Our arborist will assess the needs of your shrubs and trees to provide the best health care program for your property. 

Stem girdling at base of tree
White flies on a gardenia plant leaves
Branch crossing on mature tree

So, what are the benefits of having your trees and shrubs inspected and treated by our arborist?

A yearly well check from an arborist can save a tree from being removed because a disease or pest took over without your knowledge. OR if you think a shrub or tree needs to be removed our arborist can determine if it can be saved with a health care plan or it is best to be removed. Our goal is to provide a clear plan to allow the trees and shrubs on your property to thrive.

Our arborist can quickly identify what problem, whether it is a disease or fungal issue, your beautiful shrubs have and will be able to discuss a custom treatment plan to get it healthy and thriving again. 

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