Summer is on its way out. The long hot days are being exchanged for cool, crisp fall weather. And, to be honest, we are okay with that. This summer has proven to be a tough battle with ants for us and our customers. We are conquering it though! Fall weather does not mean we will slow down with pest control prevention. Fall means a new round of pests to conquer! Your home is a great shelter for pests no matter the season – shelter from the elements, food, and water are all readily available.

What bugs are most prevalent during autumn months?

Stink Bugs: In Autumn, stink bugs like to become active especially around areas with gardens and farms. These pesky insects are rightly named because of their distinctive odor they give off when they feel threatened. Once you smell this foul odor, you’ll never forget it. Trust us! These “stinky” pests can damage clothing, furniture and other fabrics with their droppings and tend to hide in personal belongings to make their way into your home. Their biggest threat, however, is their foul-smelling odor.

*STAY TUNED for our next blog – Pick-A-Pest Series: Stink Bugs*

Cockroaches: It’s the cool temps that will attract roaches of all species into your home for shelter. Cockroaches can pose a threat to any one with allergies and asthma along with tons of various bacteria that they can carry. Your best defense along with our professional services is to keep a well sanitized and dry home. We are pretty familiar with sanitizing practices these days since Covid-19 hit the scene. 

Ants: As if this summer was not hard enough to control the ant population, autumn is still considered a season for ants. Fall ants tend to be odorous ants which pose a threat to the food in your home or carpenter ants which pose a threat to the structure of your home. Either way ants are pests we can help you control!

In addition to our professional services, we recommend a few courses of action to assist in the long-term goals of your pest control needs. As with most pests, you’ll want to seal any cracks or crevices entering your home (includes door & window seals), keep your floors clean and vacuum (Parents, you know the drill!), and make sure all the food in your pantry is sealed tightly. You want to make your home as uninviting as possible for ants and any kind of pests.


We may welcome Fall/autumn with open arms after such a hot summer but, in the pest world we are still working diligently to help control another round of seasonal pests. We offer a great year-round protection we call our Quarterly Pest Control service. It is a great resource to aid in protecting your home against any seasonal pest and those that tend to stick around despite changes in weather. Call or email our office staff to set-up your service to protect your home and family!


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