Advance Tree & Shrub

Who We Are

Joey Plutro is a certified arborist, graduate of West Virginia University, and started Advance Tree & Shrub after working at some of the biggest names in tree care. Advance Tree & Shrub wants to provide customers with professional and quality plant health care you can count on! Advance tree and shrub provides a variety of plant health care services from soil care programs controlling insects and disease as well as pruning.

Free Inspection of Trees & Shrubs!

Regular Inspections

Advance Tree & Shrub will send out a certified Arborist free of charge to inspect the state of your property, trees and shrubs.


Beautiful trees make a beautiful home! We offer a range of pruning options for small ornamental trees and shrubs. Need thinning, shaping, removal of dead, broken or diseased branches? We have you covered!

Insect and Disease Management

Advance Tree & Shrub uses intergraded pest management (IPM) treatment programs that provide identification and treatment of pest infestations. A trained plant health care technician will make periodic evaluations of your plants for pest and other issues that can affect the plant’s health. Treatments are applied as necessary to reduce pest populations and maintain plant health.

Soil Management Plans

Not all soil is the same, not even in the same neighborhood! Your Advance Technician determines the condition of your trees and shrubs. Soil samples are taken, if soil modifications are necessary then your Advance Technician will mix the prescribed materials and apply the treatment on site.

Root Invigoration

Root invigoration is a process that conditions the soil around the base of the tree, stimulates root growth and allows declining trees and shrubs to revive and recover. Young trees and transplants benefit as well. This process uses a supersonic air tool developed by the military. This tool allows the technician to till up the soil around the base of the plant using high pressure air without damaging the roots. Following this preparation, organic matter, fertilizer and/or ph. adjusters are applied.

Invasive Control

Have trouble with pesky invasive Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac or English Ivy? Advance Tree & Shrub can take care of that for you!

Have Girdling Roots?

A defined root flair is essential to having a healthy tree! Girdling roots can wrap around the trunk of the tree causing the roots to girdle the stem and stop the flow of water and nutrients. This can occur when improper planting is done or from having too much mulch around the base of the tree.

Growth Regulator

Tired of pruning, Advance can help with that! We have the ability to control the growth of trees and even keep them the same size! A growth regulator works by slowing the vegetative growth of plants and inhibiting growth. The growth regulators are designed to gently and predictably slow the growth of trees. A single application provides a long-lasting reduction of vegetative growth, effectively extending the trimming cycle of trees and reducing the amount of woody growth that must be removed.

Contact Advance Tree & Shrub:

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