The cold days and nights are upon us. Winter pests are still moving about despite the cold. They might just so happen to find the inside of your home. Who doesn’t want to find a warm, cozy place with a bounty of food to choose from to hang out in during the cold months!

Some of the most common winter pests are: mice, rats, spiders, stink bugs, and German cockroaches.

Sometimes despite precautions you take, wintertime pests can still become a nuisance. Pantry pests, like cockroaches and mice, can become a problem at any time of the year, especially during the holiday season when family and friends gather for meals and leave crumbs or debris behind when they leave.

So, here are a few tips to help keep winter pests away:

  • Store food properly – This means, put food in sealed containers, like reusable glass or hard-plastic container and dishes with tight fitting lids. Plastic food storage bags can be easily opened by some unwanted pantry visitors. Smaller bugs can easily squeeze and chew their way through aluminum foil or plastic wrap when used for covering a dish.
  • Don’t leave food out – This should be a no brainer. Much like with humans, if you have food readily available it will get eaten. Bugs and rodents will do the same.
  • Keep your home clean and remove clutter – Every day take a few minutes to vacuum your home focusing on areas where food is served. Sweep up any crumbs that fall to the floor as soon as possible. Don’t give pests the chance to find any food and encourage them to stay.
  • Schedule an appointment with us! – It is always a great choice to set up quarterly service with us to help eliminate current and future infestations. With quarterly pest service, you receive a scheduled spray every 90 days with a warranty that covers any retreat within those 90 days at no charge. 

Wintertime is not just a time for pesky pests trying to invade your warm and cozy home. Termites are not dormant during the cold months as you may think. They want to feed on your home, too! We suggest to have an annual termite inspection set up. This is a great precaution to keep track of any termite activity your home may develop throughout the year. We offer a warranty for this service that covers treatment for any new activity is found while you are under this warranty.

Visit our Quarterly Pest Control information page to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 919-569-0555.