Habits to Quit in 2021

So long 2020! What a year we have had! The COVID-19 pandemic created quite an unusual year for many of us. Advance Pest Control was deemed an essential business by our federal government which meant we were able to continue to serve our customer needs. As many of our customers have been home a lot more this year, they have seen the need for pest control more than ever. We are thankful and grateful to have been able to serve our customers safely as well as keeping our office staff and technicians healthy. We know so many businesses were negatively affected by this pandemic.

As we have stayed home a lot more, we all have seen more pests than “normal” in our homes. This uptick in pests is due to a few factors. First, we are home more which means there is more commotion and usage of our home. Second, the weather of each season brings out different pests.

So, what habits have we all seemed to have “mastered” for 2020 that are not helping to deter household pests?

1 – Opening and Closing of exterior doors and windows – Spring and Fall we like to open our home to some fresh air. But this refreshing act attracts pests. With each entry to your home, you are allowing pests to enter your home freely. Unbeknownst to you usually. Some fresh air circulating in your home is a great idea. Just remember to close any opened windows or doors as soon as you are done with them. Be mindful the many times you open your doors to go outside. Also, keep a check on your screens over your windows for holes or tears. Pests will find them much quicker than a crack or crevice because of its convenience.

2 – Home Maintenance – We’re all home more. Some daily cleaning tasks can seem mundane and repetitive. Home maintenance is a necessary task to help control household pests. This can be as simple as cleaning your kitchen counters after every meal, vacuuming your entire home daily, tidying up your room, or wiping up any spilled water especially from your kitchen sink area. Larger home maintenance tasks are cleaning your gutters, making sure there are no cracks around your doors and windows, maintaining healthy plants around your home, among other tasks. A clean home does not always mean a pest free space but, it does help keep an infestation from occurring.

3 – Other Basic Habits – Do you have live plants in your home? Indoor potted plants offer the perfect breeding ground for some common household pests like spiders and ants. Keep the area of your plants cleaned to limit the number of potential bugs. Do you take your trash out daily? Open trash inside your home is another attraction for household pests like ants, mice and roaches. Also, you want to place your trash bags in proper bins outside and away from the exterior of your home. And, can you remember the last time you cleaned out your pantry, kitchen cabinets, even your bathroom cabinets? If you can’t, then it’s time! Food crumbs, open containers, product spillage, etc can attract pests into your cabinets and drawers. Take an extra few seconds to clean up behind yourself (or kids!) to help keep your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and any other area pest free.

Pest prevention is a team effort between your household members and your chosen pest control company. We like to educate our customers as much as possible so we can work together to control pests. The products we have chosen to use within our company are some of the best we have tested and have a proven record of controlling the targeted pests.



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