Eco Friendly Pest Control Options

Due to a rise in sustainability efforts, we also offer an organic pest control service. If you want to use the most environmentally friendly way to kill your bugs, we have a variety of aerosols and dusts made of organic (plant based) materials or materials of natural origin. These products can be effective against pests while also keep water systems, humans, animals, and homes safe. Other control methods, such as bait traps, lure target-specific insects and keep the chemicals out of reach of pets and children.

 It’s a bug eat bug world out there!

Some insects are beneficial-they eat other bugs. Insects such as the praying manthis,  lady bug, green lacewing larvae, and mud daubers eat other pesky insects and garden pests. Allowing these natural born killers to thrive in a chemical free environment is the best way to manage pest insects and mites.  Using their natural enemies against them is one of the oldest and most successful methods of eco friendly pest control known and utilized by man. Beneficial insects are harmless to people, plants, and animals. They are born to hunt, capture, and consume your pest insects!

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